Funding work 2018

Many Digital Design people are already working intensively on European and Danish funding applications. In agreement with the summer seminar planning group we will concentrate on how to best qualify for IFD Grand Solutions, Future Society program. We will work with how to develop quality of research projects, and support faculty in developing experience and competencies in research application work. The intention behind the two workshops in April and June is to focus on how to formulate strong research IDEAS and learn how to achieve and implement these in terms of funding applications that can support our research activities.

Pre-workshop: IFD Grand Solutions 9/4-2018, 9:30-13:30 in room 5A60

Program for the pre-workshop.
Bettina Hauge's slides:

The pre-workshop will focus on IFD Grand Solutions, Future Society call and prepares the funding/research writing workshop at our Tisvilde seminar.

To help us cluster ideas/people for Monday’s workshop, you need to do the following no later than Friday 6/4, 12:00:
  • If you intend to participate, please add your name, potential collaboration partners and short description of project idea(s) in this google sheet. Also let us know if you stay for lunch and have any allergies.
  • You are also encouraged to fill in an expression of interest (please fill in the template and mail it to Lone and Sofie).

Based on your project ideas and potential collaboration partners, we will group you into 5 teams for playing the research application design game.

Funding/research writing workshop 7/6-2018, 9-15, Kildegaarden, Tisvildeleje

Full Program for Digital Design Seminar 6-7 June.
Before going to Tisvildeleje, we will form funding/research writing teams, and formulate specific writing tasks.
Please fill in this sheet not later than 28/5-2018