Funding work 2017

After a period of a massive quantity of submissions of funding applications from Digital Design people, I would like us to slow down a bit and focus primarily on quality, desire, experience and competencies in our research interests. The intention behind the two workshops is to first and foremost focus on how to formulate and put together strong research IDEAS and then secondly to look at how to achieve these in terms of funding that can support our research activities.

Pre-workshop 17/5-2017, 9-12 in room 5A14-16

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The pre-workshop prepares the funding workshop at our Tisvilde seminar.
When you fill in the template describing your research idea, it is therefore less important to focus on budget and funding programs.
Please find an overview of participants and project ideas in a google sheet here. Feel free to add any additional information about project ideas etc direction into the google sheet.
Pictures of teams and calls are found in this dropbox-folder. In addition Research Support will forward calls to researchers in Digital Design Department.
Presentations from the pre-workshop:

Funding writing workshop 7/6-2017, 9-15, Kildegaarden, Tisvildeleje

Full Program for Digital Design Seminar 6-7 June can be found here: program.
Before going to Tisvildeleje, we need to form funding writing teams, and formulate specific writing tasks. The teams formed along the pre-workshop can be found in the google sheet here (please note the sheet has two tabs: one for initial ideas, and a second for the writing teams).
Everybody attending the Tisvilde seminar should make sure to form writing teams or join existing teams. Each team needs to fill in as much information as possible into the sheet (writing teams tab) regarding :
  • Team members (2-4)
  • Project idea
  • Call(s)
  • Writing task(s) 7/6 - be specific

Please fill in information not later than 26/5-2017.

Lucian and Lone will facilitate the writing workshop. Research Support and Innovayt will provide support on funding channels, funding writing, logic chain etc during the day.