Digital Design department meeting 20181114

Time: 12:30-13:30
Room: 4A14-16


  1. General information
    • Faculty and PhD positions
      Postdoc, Christian Hviid Mortensen (GIFT project)
      Videnskabelig assistent, Julie Münter Lassen (Aske's project)
    • Information from management, boards and councils
      DesignLab to be turned into auditorium for 193 persons during summer 2019 (Lone)
      Lab council:
      Decision about re-configuration of 5A14-16 to host prototyping, hardware sketching etc - but not soldering! (Lone)
      IT-infrastructure council: Request for more computing capacity for DD (Luca)
      Infrastructure group: Lone has asked to step in 12/11-2018
      Library council: Any news? (Gitte)
    • Other information
      Election for ITU’s Internal Working Environment Organisation / Safety Group 5 (Digital Design). Deadline for candidates 26/11-2018.

      GPDR in research event 15/11
      GPDR in research / e-learning course from SDU

  2. Good news and accomplishments
    • New research projects / grants
    • Other stuff to celebrate
      Course evaluations
  3. Presentation of HR Manager (Kirsten) Digital Design HR Support (Nina), and New Academic Career Mentor process. Visit from HR (Kirsten, Nina, Lone)
  4. Debriefing Supervisor allocation process (Stine, Jörn, Lone)
  5. Debriefing B/KDDIT-teaching clusters process (Jonas, Jörn)
  6. Vision work day program with focus on ITU values and research group experience sharing (Lone + DD research thing)
  7. Spring 2019 funding workshop ideas
    - proposal: invite DFF + coaching from research support (Lone)
    - during spring: all senior faculty / research groups formulate a 3-5 year funding plan (Lone)
  8. AOB