Digital Design department meeting 2018-09-12

Time: 12:30-13:30
Room: 4A14-16


  1. General information
    • Faculty and PhD positions
      PhD student Mads Johansen Lassen
      Industrial PhD student Mathias Löwe
      Industrial PhD student Mie Fink Nielsen
    • Information from management, boards and councils
      New HoD BIT (Lene Pries-Heje), Head of Studies in process (Stine Gotved). (Lone)
      Proposal for Public Budget Act 2019 and consequenses for ITU (see p. 78-79). New 'basismidler': 10+25 MDKK in 2019, 2020, 2021 allows ITU to implement planned growth in education (Lone)


    • Other information
      Dynamic BFI lists (Gitte)

      Open Access workshop & (Lone)
      New course base - status (Lone)
      Culture night (Lone)
      Research Sharing Market 11 Oktober / postcards. See mail 6 September. Deadline for input is 14 September. Portrait 12 or 14 September (Lone)
      New work environment representative (Lone)
  2. Good news and accomplishments
    • New research projects / grants
    • Other stuff to celebrate

  3. FemTech ( at ITU (Lone/Viktoria)
  4. Themes and date for December Vision Work Day 2018. Fill in doodle no later than 19 September. (Lone)
  5. AOB

[Martin from communication does portrait photos]


Meeting notes/decisions

Library Board (Gitte): Changes to getting access to Royal Library. Updates coming. Ability to order courses from Royal library as well (like Zotero)

PHD study board (Lisbeth): Students studying abroad. Problems for students to get anough money for accomodation fees. If you have examples of PhDs who have those problems, or other fee issues, please get in touch.

Dynamic BFI lists (Gitte): – here you can suggest new journals. The sooner you get in touch, the better.

Open access workshop postponed. Contact Peter Forsmann if you have issues with the alternatives of rights management that your are presented with.

Looking for a new work environment representative for the DD department, Christina Neumayer is stepping down: It is 8-10 pp points reduction in workload.

Jonas Jørgensen has a new baby!

Bullying policy coming up.

Aske Kammer: Shut up and write-sessions every Thursday 13.00-15.15

Nanna Holdgaard is leaving – has got a new job. Audience development project.