Digital Design department meeting 2018-05-16

Time: 12:30 - 13:30
Room: Scrollbar


  1. General information
    • Faculty and PhD positions
      - Research Assistant Minna Soltani Jensen
      - PhD student Sofie Stenbøg
    • Information from management, boards and councils
      - Management:
      * PP production 2017 for Digital Design
      DD has fulfilled the overall goal and have an overproduction of ECTS.
      * Changed goals for attracting external funding (see Board of Directors April meeting, agenda point 5, enclosure 4:
      "The goals concerning externally funded research in the result contracts of Executive Management and the Heads of Department are changed. Instead of formulating a goal about the average external funding spent per senior VIP, we now measure the number of senior VIP who move from having spent very little or no external funding in the past two years to becoming principal investigators of an externally funded project of non-trivial size (typically at least 200.000 DKK per year)"
    • Other information
  2. Good news and accomplishments
    • New research projects / grants
      Sebastian Risi: IFD industrial PhD on ”Improving Marketing Mix Decisions Through Interactive Bayesian Optimization” with Blackwood Seven
    • Other stuff to celebrate
      Morten Hjelholt and Jannick Schou: New book from Palgrave on Digitalization in the public sector
  3. Follow-up on APV: Issues and action points across departments (Lone)
  4. Program and co-writing teams at DD seminar 2018 (Lone)
    Final Program for Digital Design Seminar 6-7 June.
    Before going to Tisvildeleje, we will form funding/research writing teams, and formulate specific writing tasks.
    Please fill in this sheet not later than 28/5-2018
  5. Learning Support is visiting (45 minutes, Annelise Agertoft)
  6. AOB