Digital Design Lunch Meeting April 18 2018, Notes

Introduction: As a follow-up on the last department meeting, regarding the AOB item on the new system for allocating external examiners, SAP will join this lunch meeting (from 12:15) and make a short introduction to the CensorIT system. Afterwards, there will be time for Q&A.
Lene Rehder, Head of Student Affairs & Programmes, explains the new process for allocation external examiners.

Background information: ITU uses two boards of external examiners. This only relates to the IIM external examiners board. Every fourth year, the board needs to be new appointed (a percentage of the board is replaced). Jesper Simonsen from RUC is Head of Board. In order to comply more with rules and regulations, Jesper has introduced this new system.

In consequence, external examiners are appointed to do exams by the board (and not by the internal examiners as before).
SAP was actually promised access to the new system in January. Unfortunately, they only got access after Easter. Lene stresses that she understands the confusions regarding the new system.

The new system: In the new system you have qualification areas or topics instead of names of the external examiners. Each external examiner is asked to assign him/her self with the relevant qualification areas in which the person can examine. The new system works by entering the course or project topic(s) and the date(s) for the exam into the system afterwards, the system contacts 5 possible examiners.

When searching for external examiners in the new system, you can search for one, two and a maximum of three topics. At the meeting Lene referred to the guidelines for CensorIT, which say that You can separate, specify or select by using “and” or “or”. However, it now turns out that this is not possible in the system. SAP does not know for the time being, why there is a difference between the guideline and the system. SAP will follow up.

The process of finding an external examiner: When SAP asks for an external examiner, it is done manually. The algorithm is only used in order to choose the different external examiners and to secure an even distribution of the external examiners (make sure we do not use the same external examiner too much). No algorithms checks into people’s calendars.

Regarding projects Irene asks you to update your calendars, she books you directly, and afterwards she manually makes the registration in the censor system. The algorithm is solely used in order to “match” qualifications.

- Is it okay to propose dates to Irene?
Lene: That is fine, and you are welcome to book it in your calendar as well, since Irene will look into your calendar. Please, feel free to contact Irene, with questions or specific date wishes.
Concerns are raised regarding missing topics. Faculty think the topic list is to narrow, and request a more transparent process and the ability to change the topic list. Comments about clarification of the topics are also raised, since many of the DD-relevant topics can have multiple meanings. Concerns are also raised in relation to evaluation – is it possible to evaluate the external examiner and to deselect external examiners.
- Lene: Changes to the topic list can only be made by the Head of Board for external examiners.

It is important to raise these questions and problems in order for the censor board to change it. Lone suggests that DD write a letter for Jesper Simonsen, since he is in charge of this process.
It is decided that Jörn as HoSP contacta HoSPs from universities who also use this external examiner list in order to share experiences and to find out if they experiences issues with the new system. Then we as joint universities can contact Jesper Simonsen and the censor board. Lene Rehder will provide a list of universities (departments) who uses IIM.

Jörn is initiating the process.