Digital Design department meeting 2017-05-15

Time: 14-15
Room: 2A52


1. Generel information (15 min)
a. Faculty and PhD positions
- Call for student department assistant. Please spread the word:
b. Information from management, boards and councils
- Library:
- Bibliometric:
- Other ...
c. Other information
- 51 PhD applicants. 1 PhD for each department.
- Lea Schick: Collaboration with Alexandra Institute - InfinIT.

2. Good news and accomplishments (5 min)
a. New research projects / grants
b. Other stuff to celebrate

3. Study Environment survey. Dorthe Stadsgaard will inform about the action plan for following up on critical issues of the survey (link shared at April meeting). (15 min) Three themes have been pointed out as major focus points to act on:
- Wellbeing (including workload)
- Harassment and discrimination
- Physical study environment (e.g. MAC charging and air quality in teaching rooms)

4. Work Environment. Anna Vallgårda will inform about her work as security representative in relation to work environment issues. (20 min)

5. (The revision process of DDK / DMD: no update from Jonas at this meeting, since he already held a DD-faculty meeting 8/5)

6. Pre-workshop funding work. Lone will inform about the programs (5 min)

7. AOB


1. General information
a. Please spread the word among your students
Maria will coordinate the student assistant's time

b. Library: please keep sending requests for book purchases etc.

- PhD's: The applicants are being screened and we're trying to identify supervisors
There is only funding for 1 PhD pr department.
- Lea will facilitate collaboration between ITU and Alexandra Institute (transport research from universities to companies)
If anybody want to collaborate with Lea or have any ideas for interesting collaborations, please let her know.
Lea can also help facilitate Horizon2020 applications (contact organizations/companies)
InfinIT application for max 180.000 kr - facilitate innovation.
Cph TechFest i Kødbyen September 6-10

2.Good news and accomplishments

3. Study Environment Study
We are to give feedback on the survey.
Dorthe presents main results from the survey.
This is the work environment assessment for students.
The Board of Studies own the assessment and they will decide on the actions to be taken on the background of this survey.
Only 19% of students responded to the questionnaire.
The social environment at ITU gets good scores.
71% feel motivated, 74% feel they've chosen the right programme.
Physical environment scores a bit lower than last - especially complaints about the air quality

  • workload
  • access to relevant information
  • access to study materials
  • offensive behavior (from a push in Scrollbar to gender related offenses (mainly on software programme))
  • Students' well being: Feel worn out

Gender discrimination seems to be an issue but it has not been addressed in the questionnaire.

The action plan will decide how we work on the problems/challenges - anybody can contribute with input to the action plan.
Contribution on two levels:
Official (more general) plan (by Board of Studies) - input can be sent to Dorthe
On a more informal level on e.g. programme level - Dorthe suggests to form a group if you want to work on this level
(make sure to document the work)

Deadline for input to Board of Studies: May 24

Lene Pries-Heje is a go-to person for the students in case of harassment, bullying etc.

4. Work environment
Anna Valgårda, work environment representative
Need a substitute in the Safety Group for Anna (maternity cover)

Employee survey is done every three years
Twice a year: ITU Pulse (5 questions)

Anna is working on making harassment related issues part of the APV.

5...Next month there will be an update

6. Pre-workshop funding work
Identify something you would like to work on.
Work in groups of 1-4 people
Please sign up asap
And submit your research proposals no later than 16th at noon