Digital Design department meeting 2017-04-19

Time: 13-14
Room: Scrollbar

  1. General / administrative information:
    1. Faculty and PhD positions
    2. Information from management, boards and councils
    3. Other:
      1. Updated form for registering external affiliations / guests, Lone approves --> guest + host fill out form and send it to Maria
      2. Formulate a response to the Study Environment Assessment 2017 (see report here: Deadline 3rd May.

  2. Good news and achievements
    1. Open Entrepreneurship - Industriens Fond - 5 mill DKK (total 35 mill DKK) (Kristine Falgren announcement last meeting)
    2. Inaugural lecture and new center for Computer Games Research: very good media attention. Congratulations
    3. Other stuff to celebrate and mention?
  3. Digital Design Seminar, 6-7 June + Pre-­workshop for EU-­projects (17 May, 9-12)
    1. Planning team (Rune, Luca, Signe, Lone) has made a preliminary program (
    2. Program for 17 May will be send out later
    3. Remember to sign up for rooms!
  4. Status DDK/DMD revision (Jonas)
  5. AOB


1. General / administrative information:
- Registering guests: always use the form on the ABC (it will be the newest version). Get an agreement from Lone and when you are sure about the guest arriving, you send the form to Maria, who starts the official approval process.
- Lene Pries-Heje has been appointed the ambassador for students to address when encountering harassment etc.

2. Good news and achievements
- Martin Pichlmair became a father recently - congratulations

3. Digital Design Seminar
The workshop is to help understand how to make an EU application
There will be some sort of match making - describe your ideas for future research
If you can't join on May 17, share your ideas with a colleague beforehand who can then bring it to the workshop

Please remember to sign up for rooms if you haven't already!

4. DDK/DMD revision
8th of May 10-12 there will be a discussion based on feedback from SAT (?) and Employers' Panel - you will receive an invitation

DMD (Jörn):
Trimming the programme (not full on review)
We can't afford to have as many electives as we have now
Looking at overlaps between DMD and DDK

How will the first draft be communicated?
Through the wiki

Library new committee (Gitte)
Laura Watts is the new head of the committee
We have money for more books - Send book recommendations to the library or to Gitte
The Royal Library is buying more electronic books and - the committee is looking into how we deal with this

Please update your profile on LearnIT

Invitation to a workshop on Tuesday 13-15
Working with an energy company who has an online tool where people can see how much energy they use (red, yellow, green scale)
- Developing the tool/app
Please come!

Lone: Please let Lone know if you have items for the department meeting agendas in the future