Digital Design department meeting 2017-03-16

Time: 11-12
Room: 3A52

  1. General information
    • Faculty and PhD positions
      a. New assistant professors in Service design / co-design: 1.5.2017: SY, 1.8.2017: JS-S
    • Information from management, boards and councils
      a. Minna Isomursu will represent DD in the ITU group developing a data management policy / plan
    • Other information
      a. Mail lists: - All - The faculty staff employed at the Digital Design having one of the following positions (Assistant Professor, Head of Department, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Head of study programme, Assistant Professor, Head of study programme, Head of PhD School, Postdoc, Full Professor) - All PhD employed at Digital Design - All the scientific staff employed at Digital Design, except PhD
      b. PhD calls will be out soon. Please circulate. 1 PhD for each department.
      c. Professor Espen Aarseth, inaugural lecture 4/4, 2 pm, AUD 3.
      d. Digital Design Seminar (Rune, Luca, Signe, Christina in planning team, sign up for room NOW) + Pre-workshop for EU-projects:
  2. Good news and accomplishments
    • New research projects / grants
      - Academy of Finland, stage one (Minna Isomursu)
    • Other stuff to celebrate
  3. ITU Business Development and Open Entrepreneurship project with ‘Industriens Fond’ - Kristine Falgren visits 11:15
  4. The revision process of DDK / DMD (update from Jonas)
  5. Canteen group: Who would like to step in?
  6. AOB