Digital Design department meeting 2017-01-17

Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Room: AUD2


  1. General information
    1. Faculty and PhD positions
    2. Information from management, boards and councils
    3. Other information

  2. Good news / achievements
    1. New research projects / grants
    2. Other stuff to celebrate

  3. Revision of DDK/DMD
  4. Structure / format of future meetings


Lone apologizes for making the meeting conflict with the GIFT kick-off

1. General information
1. Faculty and PhD positions
Our department meetings will be for faculty and PhD.students (not mandatory for PhD's)
We are in total 83 people (incl. part-time teachers)
Espen Aarseth is now full professor.
Minna Isomursu is new interaction design professor
Rune Nielsen is assistant professor - will be working partly on Espen's project
Sarah Brin (PhD on GIFT)
Karin Ryding (PhD on GIFT)
Obaida Hanteer (PhD on Virt-EU)
Sarah Homewood (PhD in Design lab)
Johanna Blom (Joleen) (PhD on Espen's project, Making Sense of Games (MSG))

2. Information from management, boards and councils
Lone will coordinate with the two other HoD how to inform across department (which information to communicate)
Lone is having a meeting with the other HoD and Jens Chr. after this meeting
Lisbeth is a member of PhD council - we will put information from the PhD council on the agenda of every department meeting.
Kjell (architecture), Miguel, and Gitte (communication) can inform of BFI system (organizing journals)
Espen is on a board that deals with ethics
Morten Hjelholt - member of study board, Head of DDK

3. Other information
Martin Pichlmair: Universal Robots would like to do a workshop with interaction designers. They work with engineers abut want another view on it. So their user experience department is interested in working with us.
March 17-20. Please let Martin know if you are interested.

2.Good news / achievements
1. New research projects / grants
GIFT is already taking off (kick-off today) and Espen's project will take off soon.

2. Other stuff to celebrate
Lone suggests a summer department party on June 16 in Lone's summerhouse - bring swim suit!

3. Revision of DDK/DMD
Jonas Fritsch (technical and humanistic background and co-head of programme) has accepted to be the lead of this. The plan is that he gradually takes over from Morten. There is no detailed plan yet.
Executive Mangement has already announced that they want to improve the employability of the DDK graduates in 2017
They ask us to make a clear profile of graduates
It should take affect from Summer 2018, so it has to come into action this summer

Lene Pries-Heje has announced that all programmes have to be aligned concerning electives - we need to reduce the numbers of specialization (3-4 specializations on DDK - we have to carefully select these in reference to 'employment tickets' (which skills do our graduates have and which tasks can they take on?))

Service Design specialization has been a specialization the past 3 years and matches what the industry is looking for

DMD will also be altered - again, too many electives

We have to take into consideration that a lot of our students come from outside.

Gitte: let's all try to document which jobs our students get - how can we be better at documenting this?

Martin has just done a similar revision of the games programme

Lisbeth: we need to have a long-term perspective as well - the first job is not necessarily a great job but many ITU graduates end up in really good jobs 5-10 years later

Lone: we need to start the revision with the notice that the graduates get a job - once we have decided what the programme will look like, then we will decide which research competences are needed - not the other way around.

Admission requirements: February 1st 2017
Final material for revision: October 1st 2017

4. Structure / format of future meetings
Lone will not expect external teachers to participate
You are welcome to book Lone for individual meetings
Maria Murphy will be support for this department (as well as the other two)
If you have items for the meetings, please send them to Lone 3 days before
Lisbeth: could we extend the meeting to two hours once in a while and use the last hour for discussions (twice a year)
- we could have a small Research Sharing Day -encourage new collaborations

How can we meet across corridors? Can we meet once a week for lunch in the canteen?
Scrollbar once a week 12-13

Regular academic talks, perhaps once a month? External researchers and ITU researchers
Can we have a budget within the department for this?
Can we commit to once a month?