Digital Design department meeting 170614

Time: 13-14
Room: Scrollbar


  1. General information
    • Faculty and PhD positions
    • Information from management, boards and councils
    • Other information

  2. Good news and accomplishments
    • New research projects / grants
    • Other stuff to celebrate

  3. ITU Quality Policy 2017. Dorthe Stadsgaard will inform about this and answer questions. The full policy can be found here. (10 min)
  4. Open access policy – Peter Forsmann.
    April 20 2017 the new measure of the Open Access indicator was released, please confer Open Access indicator. RS (in particular Peter Forsmann) made a significant effort to raise the ITU OA level from 5% (December 2016) to the current 83%. Please be aware of the ITU Open Access policy approved last year and to be found here. The policy e.g. states ”ITU faculty is committed to disseminating the results of its research as widely as possible”. Peter Forsmann will explain what is required to register publications as OA.
  5. Evaluating our Digital Design seminar 6-7 June.
    How to include PhD students? Other groups to include (lab managers, research assistants ...)
    Two full days from lunch 6/6 to lunch 8/6?
  6. AOB.


1. General information
Remember you are welcome to add to the agenda (please inform Lone though)

  • Faculty and PhD positions
Hajo has become associate professor - congratulations!

  • Information from management, boards and councils
R-CoSB (Research co-operation and Safety Board) information:
Stine: freedom of speach - we need to focus more on this and be more clear on what we are can and cannot.

Anna Vallgårda is looking into how we can change the rule about holiday between Christmas and New Year by default - faculty cannot always take these days off due to exams straight after new year etc.

ITUPulse might not happen after all - do we need another survey?
There will still be APV survey (by law) about the facilities/workplace
ITUPulse should be about employee satisfaction
If you have feedback or questions please address them to Stine or Anna

Folkemødet på Bornholm: ITU is represented this year by Jens Chr. + Comm. dept.

Assistant professors should have a research supervisor at ITU, when they start the position. Meetings every 6 months.
The three department heads are in the process of developing this.
Hajo: could we call it a mentor instead of supervisor? Lone agrees this is a good idea.

Information from library board: see mail from Gitte 13.06.2017

  • Other information
The Communication Dept. offers to take profile photos on Friday.
Come by the fourth floor June 16 from 13.00 - 14.30 and have your photo taken. Your photo will be e-mailed to you – use it as you please. We recommend that you update your profile picture on PURE and Outlook.

51 PhD applicants - 1 PhD for each department.

2. Good news and accomplishments

  • New research projects / grants
Miguel's application has been selected for round 2 - congratulations!
  • Other stuff to celebrate

3. ITU quality Policy 2017 - Dorthe Stadsgaard, SAP
There will be a short version of the Quality Policy - distributed later
Denmark is part of the Bologna Process: 48 countries - encourage better collaboration between these countries and evaluate education/programmes - a quality assurance system - ECTS was the outcome
The quality policy is updated once a year and decided by Executive Management

Three quality policy areas:
Recruitment and admission of students
Teaching and learning
Graduates' careers

The hope is to engage more with faculty (move the process out of the board rooms)

Morten: how will you move it out of the board rooms?
At the moment it is mostly about given management information - Dorthe will look into taking the direction towards it being about developing the quality policy

How does the system work when we send students abroad/how can students study across the boarders?
There are international coordinators but it will be difficult to harmonize it more.

Martin: sometimes, issues in the quality policy is based on the comments of one grumpy student - this is a problem

Dorthe: anyone can make suggestions to changes to the quality policy - deadline is August 1

4. Open access policy – Peter Forsmann (Research Support)
Public money pays for us to do research and publish, and then we have to pay money for accessing other publications - open access is about working around the publishing companies.

ITU Research Policy: research must be made as public as possible

OA file types:
Pre.-print submitted manuscript
Post-print: accepted peer-reviewed manuscript without publisher logo

If you are in doubt or need help, contact Peter Forsmann,, phone: 72 18 50 33

You can read about licensing types on the Creative Commons homepage

There is no policy at ITU about paying for publishing open access papers
Lone: we should work around the greedy publishers who require a payment for open access publishing
Anders: in the GIFT project, we have to either publish in open access journals or pay quite a bit of money

Lone: We need to discuss the support to young researchers who have to choose between BFI and open access sometimes - we have to accept that for some time, researchers will produce less BFI when choosing open access

Peter's presentation

5. Evaluating our Digital Design seminar 6-7 June.
How do we get more PhD students to participate? This year it was due to bad timing and being away from home is sometimes not good for PhD students, who are already often away from home, better accessibility
Should lab managers etc be invited?
Should it be two full days? we can make it so the first day could be attended by PhD students (and others who doesn't have time for two days away)

Miguel has volunteered to make a "DD PhD school"